Join the Morrissey Lab

The Morrissey Lab aims to be a collaborative and inclusive environment where all scientists can thrive. We are seeking lab members who share these values.

Graduate Students

We welcome students from MCDBBMSE and Biological Engineering. Rotation students are encouraged to email Meghan and discuss! We are actively recruiting students and hope 1-2 students will join our lab this year.

Undergraduate Researchers

The majority of undergraduate researchers in our lab are scholars in one of the CSEP Programs. Programs like the MARC and EUREKA program fund summer research, including a stipend - if you are eligible and interested please apply! For other interested undergraduates, we will give preference to students who can commit a substantial block of time to research (~10 hrs/week, at least one full year including a summer). Please email Dr Morrissey to ask how to apply. We will review our training capacity and applications at the start of each quarter so please reach out the week before to express your interest.


We currently have funding for a postdoc! The Morrissey Lab is a supportive place to postdoc, whether you are considering an academic career or a future in biotech. As a postdoc, you will work together with Meghan to design and direct an independent research direction. Meghan would love to discuss your goals, interests, and how she can support you as a mentor. Please send Meghan an email with the following items so we can begin a conversation:

  • CV
  • Brief description of your past and future research interests
  • Contact info for 3 references


Assistant Professor, MCDB